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Windows, lights & roofs. Various tint levels are available depending on your needs and the look you're going for

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We have specially selected a variety of window films of different levels along with reflectiveness to make it difficult to see in

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Having your office space tinted has many benefits. Not only will it save you money on your air conditioning bills, it will reduce heat and glare

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We can tint boats and yachts at marinas around the UK

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Who We Are

Since we started in 2003, we have been supplying Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas with a mobile glass tinting service, using only the best quality tint films available. We are not a franchise, and Customer Satisfaction is 100% our priority, and this is reflected in our 5 star reviews across various platforms.

The key to a top quality installation is the experience of the installer, and the quality of the film. After years of experience we have selected only the best materials to give you exactly what you need.

We provide a lifetime guarantee with all of our automotive work and minimum 10 year guarantee for other work as 100% customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Why You Should Consider

    Theft Deterrent

    Having tinted glass will help keep your valuables out of sight, reducing the risk of theft

    Enhanced Privacy

    Window tinting provides an increased level of privacy by limiting the view from the outside, ensuring your personal or professional space remains secluded

    UV Ray Protection

    Tinted windows act as a barrier against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin and reducing the risk of furniture and decor fading due to sun exposure

    Heat Reduction

    By blocking a significant amount of solar heat, window tinting helps maintain a cooler indoor temperature, reducing the reliance on air conditioning and saving energy costs

    Glare Reduction

    Tinted windows minimize glare caused by direct sunlight or harsh artificial lighting, making it easier to work, watch TV, or use electronic devices comfortably

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    By preventing heat gain, window tinting helps stabilise indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive cooling and promoting energy efficiency


    In the event of an accident or break-in, window tinting helps hold shattered glass together, minimizing the risk of injury from flying glass shards and providing an additional layer of security

    Eye Strain Relief

    Tinted windows reduce eye strain by balancing light levels, particularly in areas with excessive brightness or reflections, resulting in a more comfortable and productive environment

    The Look

    Window tinting adds a sleek and professional touch to your vehicle or property, enhancing its overall appearance and giving it a modern and sophisticated look

    Interior Protection

    By blocking a significant portion of UV rays, window tinting helps preserve the color and quality of your furniture, flooring, and interior decor, extending their lifespan

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