In the UK there are legal restrictions on automotive window tints. UK Law states that:

  • the front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through, and
  • the side windows must let at least 70% of light through

As pretty much all cars produced today have a slight tint in the glass from the factory, if you choose to have your front glass tinted you could be breaking the law by using your car on a public highway.

Legally, you are allowed to tint all glass behind the driver (B pillar backwards) as dark as you choose.

Having tinted glass may also affect your insurance policy.

Top Tints will not take any responsibility should you choose to take your car on a public highway should you decide to have your front glass tinted. It should only really be done for show / track use only.



I have just had my glass tinted and it looks a bit streaky and watermarked...


This is completely normal, as depending on the weather the tint can take from 2 days to 2 weeks to fully dry. It is advised to keep any car glass wound up for at least 5 days.


I have had my glass tinted and there is a white band round the edge of the glass...


This happens due to the tint film overlapping the dot matrix around the clear section of the glass. Some cars it will sit better than others, depending on who manufactured the glass, and how thick the dot matrix has been applied to the glass from the factory. It can be pressed round with your finger a couple of weeks later, but will never be totally invisible.